AWUGU Meeting Report about WWDC 2022 Followup
by Tom Piper, Coordinator

This Apple World User Group University online gathering of Apple user group leaders was held at 5:00pm CDST, on June 20, 2022, via Zoom. We had 40 participants for the topic of “WWDC 2022 Followup” (see attached JPG image and PDF attendance list). The 77-minute video can be viewed at: (unlisted on YouTube).

This session opened with my welcome, plus a quick review of the meeting protocols. Doug Smith, Chair of the Apple User Group Advisory Board (AUGAB) provided backup support during the call.

I opened the presentations with a brief overview of the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) noting that a number of links and references had been sent in advance. This was followed by a variety of comments about things liked, hoped for and regretted, with recognition of the convergence of macOS and iPadOS desktops. A question was asked about how many have M1 computers (the attached photo shows green checks for those who do).

This was followed by a discussion about whether attending AUGs were incorporated, noting some preference for 501(c )(7), plus comments about the need for any liability insurance for directors and officers, or errors and omissions (few carry insurance).

The Tucson Macintosh Users Group was interested in registering as a non-profit simply because they wanted to find a way for members to send in their dues electronically. They have heard complaints from members who hate writing and mailing in checks. They are hoping to hear from other groups about how they handle this (feel free to share your experiences by responding to this report).

Additional questions were asked, experiences shared and suggestions made by user group leaders with the following links providing further information on this meeting’s topics:
Ann MacKay: – does not void warranty if from Apple
Many comments: have MacBook Air, mini or iPad Pro
John Carter: use “sudo rsync -varn” in Terminal to find corrupted files on Mac
Tim Baker: run Apple ][ via emulation –
Betty Larsen:
Tim Baker:
Steve Welsh: Stephen Hackett’s excellent DogCow History:
We are very pleased with this sixth meeting of 2022. Files related to this meeting are available on our AWUGU shared folder:

The call ended with an entertaining discussion about old or legacy technology (like Newtons, Apple ][s, SCSI connectors, and such) that many still are hoarding in various states of storage. (George Rubin also provided me the attached list of outdated items to get rid of). The question was raised as to what the best solution would be for these items? This yielded the topic of “Old Tech: Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle” scheduled for July 18, 2022, at 5:00pm Central Daylight Saving Time (all current AWUGU registrants will receive an invitation to all future meetings).

Several attendees have suggested that we should discuss Apple nostalgia (like trivia games that NMUG held, Clarus dogcow, Apple-logoed items, iPod, more) that we have enjoyed (and harbored) over the years. It was also suggested that we do more “guided-discussion” meetings without presentations. Additional topics for future meetings are always welcome, just send suggestions to me.

To become a participant, any interested Apple User Group leader must first register with the AWUGU Coordinator by emailing their name, location, and user group name and web link to Registration must be received by July 16 in order to receive a Zoom Meeting invitation (a download of the free Zoom app in advance is also necessary, and an update will be important for existing users).

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