Tom Piper

by Tom Piper, AWUGU Coordinator

AWUGU: March 15, 2021 Zoom Meeting

Our next Apple World User Group University meeting is scheduled for 5:00pm, Central Daylight Savings Time, March 15, 2021, with the topic to be the User Group Exchange (draft agenda attached). All AWUGU previous registrants will receive an invitation to this meeting.

This topic was suggested at our last meeting to learn how Apple user groups hold cooperative meetings, share information and exchange ideas

An additional topic has been added about  Zoom recording disclosures and privacy policies. If anyone has these items, please share them during our discussion. All comments and feedback is welcome!

To become a participant, any interested Apple User Group leader must first register with the AWUGU Coordinator by emailing their name, location, and user group name and web link to (a download of the most recent free Zoom app in advance is also necessary).

Best wishes,

Tom Piper

AWUGU Coordinator

AWUGU 03:15:21 agenda