On February 23, the Apple User Group Meeting (AUGM) in Oita will return to Oita Prefecture. Working with Apple Japan, groups meet for fun events, including fund raisers such as a rock-paper-scissors contest and their annual short movie festival.  Participating Apple user groups have included the Hot apple OITA Apple User Group, Mac Users Group Kitakyushu, iWest, Apples come!, Apple Users Society of Saga, Welcome to Macintosh, Apple User Group Nagasaki, iThree, Kumamoto MacCafe, Miyazaki Apple Club, Mac User Group Kagoshima, Apple Club Satsuma, HaiSaiMac, Kanteidan Treasure MAC and more. Attendees will learn about new products from well-known vendors and enjoy a fun filled day. Thank you to the Hot Apple OITA Apple User Group Executive Committee and Apple Japan for planning this exciting event.

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