Since 1989, Micromat has been recognized as an innovator in the development of diagnostics, trouble shooting. and repair for Macs. They continually provide wonderful products that keep your Mac running smoothly. TechTool Pro 11, the most robust hardware diagnostic tool available for Macintosh, is Mojave compatible and introduces a number of new security features. Want results on the go? TechTool Pro 11 supports iCloud Drive, letting you see the results of your tests from anywhere that has an internet connection. Need a quick startup disk? TechTool Pro 11 gives you access to startup, along with several handy Apple utilities and TechTool Pro, right in your disk.

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Micromat’s TechTool Pro is a long-time favorite with Mac users because their products provide professional-grade diagnostics, trouble shooting and repair for Macs via easy-to-use and reliable software. As with previous versions, TechTool Pro 11 offers complete hardware testing, advanced memory testing, diagnostics, data safety, and more. Add in their generous discounts for user group members, and you can see why they are so beloved.

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TechTool Pro 11

TechTool Pro 11

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Add Full Disk Access to TechTool Pro 11 for macOS Mojave

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