User group members are known for their varied interests and a new collaboration between Deadline, FYC (For your Consideration), and AppleTV+ might make for a great meeting topic. FYC is known for providing Non-Academy events presented on behalf of a television show that may be considered for an Emmy or other award, and, as you might expect, they have not been able to do live events. The good news is that Deadline’s For the Love of DOCS documentary series is being offered online and free of charge. From this week through mid-December documentaries ranging from a look at how shooting stars, meteorites and deep impacts have focused the human imagination on other realms and worlds, and on our past and our future, to a cinematic exploration of punk poet Shane MacGowan, to human stories from the center of the pandemic, a look at the House of Gucci, a social justice scout troop, a high school senior who cares for her two mentally disabled parents, and more.

Check it out!