Many groups changed their meeting location, day, or format in 2020-2921. As you might expect, the pandemic factored into meeting decisions, with some groups moving fully online due to loss of a regular meeting space, civic responsibilities, or need to socially isolate. Some groups have been meeting remotely for years, while others used the past year to master Zoom, FaceTime, and various remote streaming options.

A friend from the Tucson group wrote recently about how some groups may decide to stay online permanently. In fact, his group is currently seeing almost as many attendees for their online meetings as they saw when meeting in person.

We would appreciate your input in this very brief survey. Next month’s Bulletin will have the results.

Meeting Formats Survey – Apple User Groups 2021

(Thanks to Curt B. for this discussion – a lot of folk in the community are making plans and it will be interesting to hear their guidance.)