Part of being respectful to the members of our community is recognizing the privacy rights of others. The team recently decided to create a formal privacy policy covering the materials on the site. The short version is that we ask for just enough information to list groups. We do not make group information contained in the Apple User Group Locator information except for the information that is needed to help potential members find groups that meet a searcher’s interests or geographical requirements. The information in the mailing lists is not available to the Board and subscribers can join or unsubscribe at any time.

UGAB Privacy Policy

About the Apple User Group Advisory Board

The Apple User Group Resources pages, Apple User Group Locator, AUGB Bulletin list, and AUGD discussion list are handled by the Apple User Group Advisory Board. Board members are not lawyers and we do not receive outside funding. We work to keep your information private to the best of our abilities. This document has information about how to join and leave any of our resources and who to contact if you have questions.

What Information we Collect

We collect officer contact email and phone numbers for user groups who voluntarily ask to be listed in the Apple User Group Locator. We also collect the meeting information that each group provides, including meeting location. To be listed, a group must provide a minimum of three named contacts as a way to verify that the group exists.

What information is Public

We publicly provide limited group meeting and contact information during searches of the Locator so that potential members can learn about groups they might want to join. We never provide a list of group contact names or emails for marketing or external purposes and do not charge for listings or searches. All information is password protected and located on a secure site. Only Board members need to access the site to maintain the Locator or blog have access to the database. These members are the site editor, the vendors’ offers editor, the Regional Liaisons who respond to Locator questions, and two site webmasters.

How we manage your information

The Apple User Group Advisory Board does not have access to list subscriber’s names or email addresses. The Apple User Group Resources website blog collects aggregate and de-identified visitor information through browser cookies, including visitor location, dates the site is visited, number of times each page is visited over a given period of time, and similar metrics. We collect this information in order to know what types of information are most useful to given groups of visitors. The Board does not retain dotted IP addresses or provide any information to other entities. The Board prohibits the use of deep links or page scraping by external users.

Each group listed in the Apple User Group Locator contains the contact information for that group’s ambassador. The person who is listed as a group’s ambassador is the person responsible for group communication. This means that the ambassador may receive information requests from potential members and may, occasionally, receive an email communication from the Apple User Group Advisory Board regarding user group topics.

How you can manage your groups information (remove or unsubscribe)

The Apple User Group Locator, discussion list, and Bulletin list are opt in only. Participants have the right to, and can easily remove their information at any time with no loss of access or loss of benefits.

· To remove a subscription to the AUGB discussion list, go to the AUGB page and fill out the unsubscribe field at the bottom of the page:

· To remove a subscription to the AUGD discussion list, go to the AUGd page and fill out the unsubscribe field at the bottom of the page:

· To remove personally-identifiable information (PII) from the Apple User Group Locator, generate a link by going to:

Note that the group’s primary contacts will be notified when any change is made to the group’s listed contacts. This is to prevent unauthorized changes.

Additionally, by accessing the Apple User Group Resources site, blogs, or Locator, please recognize that Internet transmissions are never completely private or secure. Any message or information sent to the site may be read or intercepted by others even though security measures are in place and all data collected is voluntarily provided.