Thanks for the interesting and informative responses to the Apple User Group Leader’s survey. It is clear that groups in our community face similar problems, including finding good meeting topics and speakers. Too, groups would like more discounts offers on popular items. As one writer noted, it is hard to find fresh topics for 10 meetings a year for when their group has been meeting for 9 years, and a good speaker can have a real impact on how many people show up for a meeting. Groups large and small, long time or new, echoed that comment.

Here are the results from the survey:

Groups primarily communicate by email: 72% send emails, 42% use a mailing list, 33% use Facebook, 23% use Twitter, 4% use other social media and 21% have online discussion groups. As you can see, there is overlap, with most groups having multiple methods of communication.

Considering the popularity of email, it is not surprising that groups want to communicate with the Board in the same way: 79% like the monthly email, 41% and 45% use the support and resources websites ( Interestingly, 51% also prefer the discussion list posts ( and social media.

The comments indicate that many groups are happy with their current practices and membership, but most would like more meeting topics, vendor offers, and How-Tos. More speaker offers would be very welcome. Most prefer getting their information via the Bulletin mailing instead of going to a separate site. As always, groups are interested in getting swag. They appreciate the work that the board does, but sometimes feel isolated.

In the months ahead, the board hopes to bring you more of what you want. Thanks so much for helping us know what matters!