Apple Corps of Dallas has an interesting new VoiceOver SIG that may be of interest to other groups looking to serve a broader range of users. Apple pre-installs VoiceOver on all OSX and iOS devices, supporting blind and visually impaired users. So, where non-Apple devices can often be retrofitted with accessibility software costing substantial sums, Apple devices are accessible right out of the box. In iOS access is a simple three taps on the home button. OSX is equally easy. The Apple Corps of Dallas SIG is just getting started and trying to get the word out to interested users. So far, attendees have included blind and visually impaired users, family members, and even friends of visually impaired users who want to know more. What a great idea for a special interest group!

Check it out.

(Thank you to SIG founder Eugenia [Gigi] Firth and Ambassador Ray Thompson for this wonderful tip.)