I.R.I.S. software has been around almost as long as the Macintosh, helping users reliably scan, recognize, convert, edit, and share digital files. In fact, they were one of the early pioneers in the field of optical character recognition. Where did the name come from? IRIS stands for Image Recognition Integrated Systems, and over the years IRIS has consistently offered solutions that align with their motto: Less Paper, More Content.

Today, thanks to their partners and customers worldwide, IRIS applications are used by hundreds of large companies and SMBs, and by over 40 million end users around the world, with more than 500 products sold daily.

Readiris 17 for Mac:

  • Allows you to aggregate and split, edit and annotate, protect and sign your PDFs
  • Is a global solution to convert, edit and transform all your paper documents into a variety of digital formats, intuitively, with a few clicks
  • Allows you to convert PDFs, images and texts in an image or scanned documents to edit in the format of your choice: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or indexed PDF
  • Converts all your files into audio files (.mp3, .wav), for easy and accurate readings
  • Allows you to listen to your audio files on any device (tablet, smart phone or desktop) and define the audio format to use when opening a file (Window Media Player, etc.).

With the videos provided, a great member offer, and a leader opportunity, IRIS could make for a great meeting topic.

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